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Long Coated German Shepherd

Most people are familiar with the German Shepherd Dog and know one when they see it. There is another type of GSD that some may not recognize, that being the Long Coat or Long Haired German Shepherd. If you’re like us, once you see one, …you’re smitten!

They may look exotic, but behind that beautiful coat, they’re still 100% German Shepherd.  They have the same features and attributes as the standard German Shepherd Dog.  The main difference is their coat is longer, their texture is softer and finer, and they do not always have the double coat, or undercoat that standard coat dogs have.  As a result, they are somewhat more sensitive to harsh weather conditions and should be cared for accordingly.

Some believe Long Coat GSD’s to actually be the original German Shepherd Dog. The Long Coat German Shepherd’s temperament, and obedience is often said to be better than that of standard coat GSD’s. Many are bred in European nations and since there are governmental factors involved in breeding that aren’t the case in the US, their dogs do generally have more refined bloodlines, etc.

They also do not shed as much as the standard coat GSD. At PrizePups.com we breed Red and Black as well as Solid Black Long Coat GSD’s. Our breeding stock is imported directly from Poland, other European countries, or occasionally bred in America from imported lines.

We breed high quality dogs with AKC Registration, and while price isn’t the only factor to consider, it is an important one. We price our dogs reasonably compared with some breeders and we encourage you to compare us with others on the internet.

Long Coated German Shepherd Dogs for Sale

We currently have no Long Coated German Shepherd for sale. If you would like to be notified, please contact us and we will notify you when our Long Coated German Shepherd become available.

Long Coated German Shepherd Past Litters

Dim & Bella Litter

Dim & Bella Litter

Breed: Long Coated German Shepherd

Availability: Sold Out

Litter Born: 11/17/18

Price: Call for pricing

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AKC Litter: DN559451 These pups are gorgeous and growing fast. You will NOT be disappointed in these Longcoat Pups!

Updated: 6/28/2019